Salzburg apologizes for overly celebrating Sevilla

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Salzburg has apologized to Sevilla after there was a clip of the team celebrating the knockout stages of the Champions League with rude insults.

         The famous Austrian club won 1-0 at home in their encounter on last night. Grab a ticket to play in the round of 16 in a big way. It became the first team from Austria to qualify for the knockout stages of a major European Cup since Sturm Graz in 2000. 

         However, during a frenzied celebration in the dressing room where clips of the Salzburg players made foul language alluding to Sevilla, the ufabet club recently apologized for the matter.

         “In the mood of success that is extraordinary for us Words were utter inappropriately,” Salzburg posted on the club’s Twitter account.

         “Today we play against strong and fair opponents. For which we sincerely apologize for the inappropriate choice of words. Forgive us.”

         With an average age of 23, Salzburg is the youngest team to reach knockout stages in the Champions League.

The live-stream was quickly pick up and shared around social media, to huge uproar.

And Salzburg were quick to apologise for the outburst with a statement on Twitter.

The club’s official account wrote: “In the emotion of what was for us such an extraordinary success, words were uttered that should not have been.