Parisien did not name Bernat Luis CHPL

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Le Parisien have reported that Paris Saint-Germain will drop Juan Bernat out of the knockout stages of the Champions League due to dependence on local player quotas.

Parisien The Spaniard left-back was previously exclude from the group stage due to a serious injury since last season. Although returning to the field for the team again. But the French media state that the players will not be name in the next round.

The main reason is that the UFA ufabet determines that teams Must sign players who train in that country. According to the set quota, Mauricio Pochettino had no choice to cut Bernat’s name and replace it with Leywin Kurzawa, although the player did not have a place in the team.

Kurzawa will be in the homegrown player quota and will continue to be name in the Champions League, unlike the 28-year-old who had to sacrifice.

It has to wait for confirmation from PSG again. Who are about to announce the list of players who will be used in the elimination round. The team has a queue to duel with Real Madrid in the round of 16.

But the problem for Pochettino’s side, who face Real Madrid in the last 16. They is are only allowed to name 17 overseas players in their squad. But have 18 at their disposal that they use on a regular basis.

UEFA rules state that clubs must have at least eight homegrown players in their squad, which for PSG means to have them either have trained at the club or in France for three years between the ages of 15 to 21.