Lopetegui nudges his team to focus on the remaining three

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Lopetegui nudges his team to focus on the remaining three. Sevilla coach Julen Lopetegui has urged his players to focus on the three bouts the teams have to fight for this season.

         The Spanish side lost 1-0 to Salzburg in the final game of the Group G group stage, finishing only third in the Europa League, disappointing those associated with the ufabet club. Very much, which Lopetegui urged the team to return to focus on the remaining items.

         “We broke down in the group stage and it happened again today,” Lopetegui told Deerio de Sevilla. And we have to pay for it.”

         “We flinched amongst ourselves. So we are sad and disappointed. We hope we can. It’s something complicated with a lot of problems and injuries.”

         “I feel sad Like everyone in the dressing room and everyone involved in the club. We tried everything to qualify but failed. We are really disappointed and sad.”

         “But we are aware that there are still three competitions. Today we are what we are But starting from tomorrow we will look forward and try our best to deal with all the competitions. We will try to rebuild ourselves. Rise up and fight the other three with strength.”