Jurgen Klopp has revealed his plans for the January 2022 market

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Jurgen Klopp has revealed his plans for the January 2022 market will not include a new striker. Despite having to release three of the best to play in the African Cup of Nations for months.

Mohamed Ahmed Salah scorers 14 goals league games to get used to the national team of Egypt, Saudi Claudio went to press Ebaaๆ 7. The national team of Senegal and midfielder Nabeel Great Italian national team of Guinea all is sold. Kicking the National Championship of Kan Continent  

However , Jurgen Klopp thinks the team has done some homework on the matter. Therefore, to solve the problem from the strength in hand, there is no need to find someone new.  

” We know that the three networks were select in national team competitions and tournaments. That  extrapolating 2 of the constant struggle to reach the deep ,” Boss age of 54 years open mouth. 

“ Ask if you can prepare to deal with such a situation perfectly ? For example, the new model – the – the chase from San Bernardino , ‘ Mo ‘ and Nabeel so? “. 

“ Let’s just say the situation we’re going to face is a tough one, but I’m still satisfy with the strength in hand. We have options to compete. You can still play football. ” 

“ The thing is, there are still a lot of ufabet games ahead when everyone is together now – this is when the queues are tight. And then the three of them went away. ” 

“This means that even in any game you have to look for a kit to win games in the league or in the cup – and the lack of three players is never completely prepare. ” 

“ But we are very confident that we will find a solution to the problem. ” 

The African Cup of Nations surge is still a possibility amid concerns over the novel coronavirus outbreak , Omicron.