Barella Hunt is confident that the team has good beats Swan to Anfield

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Inter Milan midfielder Nicolo Barella believes the club have enough strength to beat Liverpool at Anfield in the Champions League.

         “Python” were defeated 2-0 in the home game of the last 16, the first leg of the first leg, making it look at how difficult the chances of turning it around were. And visiting an arena like Anfield is tiring no matter which team plays.

         After the ufabet team opened the nest collapsed. Salernitana 5-0 Barella, who missed the assist in the first game and will miss again in the second, is confident his team-mates can make things difficult.

         “It’s disappointing not to be there, but Arturo Vidal, who replaced me, got the man of the match in the first leg so I’m sure he’ll put on a great show again,” Barla said.

         “Tonight’s win definitely boosts confidence. But in general playing at Anfield was a wonderful experience. We shouldn’t be afraid of anything. There is only thirst.”

         “It took something to turn the situation around, but at ‘crazy’ Inter, anything can happen, too.”